Tattoo lettering

I have done many tattoos over the years, but the tattoo lettering is the tattoo method I like best.

As you know, there are many reasons for having a tattoo.
In addition to being beautiful and a form of art, I consider tattooing as a way to express myself, and Tattoo Lettering allows endless ways of expressing yourself.

I have more than one tattoo that was made without thinking; I just felt it was the best way to capture a specific moment. I couldn’t leave Manaly India without a tattoo to remind me of the place, it was followed by a memory from fabulous Las Vegas, Brisbane Australia and the list goes on…

As I had no experience in drawing my own tattoos patterns, my first tattoos was picked up from flashes.
When you choose a tattoo from a flash, there’s always the risk of bumping into someone who has the exact same tattoo.

One way to avoid it is having Tattoo Lettering, as with Tattoo Lettering the chance of meeting someone with the exact same tattoo are next to zero.

(With time I found a way to make sure I have unique tattoos, I stopped working with the regular flashes and now I’m using a tattoo design package that contains Thousands of Award Winning Tattoos which are not available elsewhere)

The reason I just LOVE tattoo lettering is that it gives you endless tattooing options!

Tattoo Lettering

Tattoo lettering allows you to be more creative than any other form of tattoo (when having a mid-size tattoo) because it offers endless opportunities.
With Tattoo Lettering you have control over the language, font type, size, color and most important – the text!


Tattoo Lettering

(Learn from my mistakes and don’t use the tattoo lettering for something like “I love Ann” as your second wife might find it annoying)Tattoo lettering is getting increasingly popular today, with the greater variety of fonts and the increase of interest for tattoo lettering in various languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Hebrew and more.
When you choose a
Tattoo lettering, do note that the font can’t be too small, because over time the tattoo ‘fades’ into the skin, making the tattoo lettering unreadable if the font size is too small.
If you choose to have a tattoo lettering in a foreign language, it would be wise to have a friend who’s fluent in that language look over the characters before they’re inked on, to make sure you got the right tattoo lettering :-)

Having a friend helping you understand the meaning of the tattoo lettering is difficult in case of exotic languages.

Tattoo Lettering

When I made my Japanese tattoo lettering I couldn’t find a friend familiar with the language, but I didn’t want to ink the wrong word.
I found this great e-book called “My Japanese Tattoo” that was the answer for all my needs.
The Japanese Character Kanji Design E-Book helped me to find the symbol I was looking for, and knowing exactly what you’re inking on your body is priceless, especially with tattoo lettering.

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  1. Daniel Joseph on May 30, 2008 4:32 pm

    Dear sirs
    I am contacting you about a Tatoo I am wanting to get and I am having trouble finding a Good Tatoo Artist who will do the Tatoo I am wanting.
    I see many people with questionable tatoos or Tatoos I hear people make comments about. TO me it is there body to do with as they see fit and others should mind there own business.
    If they want a dragon or an evil character or a persons name on there body then that is there right.
    I hope we are on the same page there.
    I am a 21 year old male
    I am clean cut regular man who is very submissive. Which leads to the type of Tatoo I am wanting.
    I am Looking to get a tatoo that others are calling a Branding
    Since the wording displays my desires and feelings for another guy
    I have given this 2 years of thought and I am wanting to do this style of tatoo. My partner has made me think about this a lot and I ahve talked about it as well so I do know I am ready and I want it.
    I fully understand that it is permenent
    It will involve only wording and to be under the bathing suit line of a speedo or as much as possible so it is not visible or slightly if any.
    Please advise on this or if your shop will not do this style of Tatoo and I hope you do, Then if you could recommend someone who would that is also reputable and has a clean shop.
    Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you

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