Angel tattoos have become very popular in the recent years. They are just as popular with men as they are with women as it’s one of several tattoo themes that work for both, and the vast diversity of angel tattoos is the reasoning behind that.

Angel tattoos have several different meanings, and they usually have different meaning for men and women:

  • Angel tattoos on women usually represent calmness and serenity
  • Angel tattoos on men usually represent a connection to a higher self

Angel Tattoos meanings:

Angel tattoos can have different meanings, depending on the type of angel presented on them. The most common meanings for angel tattoos are love, spirituality and protection.

Many people get angel tattoos because they want to feel as if they want to feel they’re always protected and safe with their own guarding angel. Contrary to this protective meaning, there are dark angel tattoos that people get to represent the darker side of life. People can get dark angel tattoo to show their love for this darkness or even just as a reminder that it exists.

Angel tattoos also aim to pay respect for a loved one that has passed on. Many people that lost a beloved person find that these tattoos really help them cope with their loss. They may have simple angel tattoo or they may have the name of the loved one incorporated in it. Others, but make sure you found a very skilled tattoos artist before choosing this option, have the face of their loved ones incorporated into their angel tattoos.

Full back angel tattoos

Angel Tattoos

Angel Tattoos – why are they so popular?

  • Angel tattoos have a flexible nature that make them fit any body part. Smaller angel tattoos are a great choice for the wrists, ankles, top of the breast or stomach, whereas, the larger angel tattoos fit the lower back, shoulder blades or thighs.
  • The number of angel tattoos designs is equal to the reasons for having them and each tattoo will probably have a different meaning to the person who bears it on their body.If you ask people why they chose this specific tattoo you will hear many different interesting stories behind the angel tattoos, stories that are either beautiful, sad or something in between.
  • Angel tattoos may highlight a belief in the Christian, Islamic, or Judaic faith – all of which make reference to angels
Tribal Angel Tattoos

Tribal Angel Tattoos

Angel Tattoos design ideas:

Angel tattoos come in endless sizes and designs. If you’re looking for angel tattoos you can get ideas from the angel tattoos below or visit this site, I found most of my tattoos designs on this site.

Angel Tattoos on the arm

Angel Tattoos on the arm

Angel-tattoos - Angel Wings

Angel Wings Tattoo

Angel Tattoos - full back angel wings tattoo

Full back angel wings tattoo

Angel Tattoos - a dark sided angel

Angel tattoos can represent darker sides

Angel Tattoos can be sexy

Sexy Angel Tattoo

Angel Tattoos can represent a protective angel

Angel Tattoos can be pure

Full back angel tattoos

Angel Tattoos look great on the back

Angel Tattoos fit the arms

Angel Tattoos will look great on your arms

Angel tattoos for the arm

Angel Tattoos pay attention to details

And a little tip: If you are not sure about the angel tattoo you have selected, ask your tattoo artist to draw the tattoo you selected on your body in the same area you want your angel tattoos and walk around with the drawings for a day or two. During those two days spend some time in front of the mirror and in front of your friends to get the feeling of the angel tattoos. This is the best way to get a good feel not only for the design of the angel tattoos, but their location as well.

If you’re looking for angel tattoos ideas you can use this site, I got more than a few tattoos from their collection.

Angel tattoos - A guardian angel

Angel tattoos - A guardian angel

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